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The exclusive annual Superyacht Charity Ball was held on Saturday at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton. After attending for several years, we wanted to show our support for the event and Charities involved and so we decided this year to sponsor the event. James Ward and Jill Phillips hosted a table taking several guests with them.  …

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Following a successful growth period and the acquisition of several AV projects across the Commercial, Residential and Marine sector we are pleased to announce three new appointments to our team. David Gold has joined the team as Project Manager, Jack Mudd as Technical Designer (CAD) and Russell Phillips as Technical Support Supervisor. James Ward, Managing Director…

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Phentermine Hcl 37.5 Mg Buy Online

At Electric String, we’re all about sharing our opinions on technological developments, new products and industry game changers via our regular ‘Technology Talks’ blog posts. In our latest Technology Talks blog, Edd Stonham – Electric String’s Technical Services Manager – discusses the arrival of HDMI 2.1 with 10K and Dynamic HDR support. Big-screen televisions historically…

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Electric String were delighted to be able to attend the exclusive Pinmar Golf 2017 event last month in Majorca. Commercial Director Rob Sullivan and Jill Phillips, Director of Business Development enjoyed a fantastic weekend with industry colleagues and paired up with Ian Jarvis from Superyacht Supplies and Conner Taggart from CST Luxury for the competition. Special…

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Electric String is celebrating a successful seven years in business and has outlined ambitious plans for future growth. Over the past six months, the award-winning company has recruited six new members of staff, including Jill Phillips as Director of Business Development. The recruitment drive has seen Electric String’s workforce boosted to 22 members and the…

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