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When the client decided to expand their operation onto a completely new floor of their central London facility, they approached Electric String to achieve a solution that was technologically advanced, reliable and easy to use.

The clients specification was for a 7 room system, including a main feature area which could operate in three modes – as either two separate conference rooms, one large conference room or as a large communal space.

The Electric String system included:

  • 9 x 55″ Videowall – at one end of the room with 4 x Crestron DM-RMC-SCALER-C inputs
  • 2 x 65″ Screens – (side by side, one on a 90 degree motorised bracket)
  • 4 x 40″ Screens – in ceiling drop down mechanisms, again with a Crestron DM-RMC-SCALER-C at each screen
  • Crestron EXCITE-IW8 speakers – audio provided from 12 speakers
  • Flush mount ceiling mics – audio fed back into the system for questions from the floor and/or video-conferencing
  • Crestron Control – from 2 x wall mounted TSW-750 and a Lectern mounted TSW-1050
  • iPad – Administration control
  • AM-100 and Crestron DM-TX-401-C – local input
  • 48″ Screen
  • Crestron EXCITE-IW6 speakers
  • Crestron C2NI-CB keypad
  • iPad- Local input from Crestron AM-100 and Crestron DM-TX-401-C – administration control
  • Crestron PRO3 controller
  • 32×32 DM chassis populated with 14 x Crestron DMC-HD-DSP, 10 x Crestron DMC-C and 4 x DMCO-55
  • 2 x SWAMPI-24×8
  • 7 x AM-100

Benefits of the system

The crucial aspect of the system design was to enable a high level of collaboration for meetings and presentations alike and with this in mind an Crestron AirMedia unit was designated per area as well as a Crestron DM-TX-401-C for traditional local connections in each room.

In addition to this, HD-DA-2 were included to add content inputs to and from the video conference codecs, allowing multi-site collaboration with the system and giving the ability for the Vintners Place system to be used as the central hub for worldwide collaborative meetings to be held.

This was backed up by the London facility itself with the ability to link all meeting rooms together via the Crestron DM and Crestron SWAMPI architecture, allowing large audiences to be distributed throughout the floor in the connected meeting rooms and partake in a presentation/meeting.

Finally in conjunction with the Clients IT department, the VPN was set up so that access to the AirMedia units was achievable from any of the worldwide offices, allowing presentations to be “pushed” to AM-100s from overseas offices, and for presentations to be “followed” by overseas executives using the AirMedia Remote View feature.

The Feedback

“Due to the complicity of the room changes we needed to look at AV which far surpassed the existing AV within our other meeting rooms, the AV kit for this new multi-function room therefore had to be slick, wireless & clever technology. None of this would have been possible if it hadn’t been for the team from Electric String. We had an extremely tight deadline and you all worked around the clock to ensure that we could deliver this new technology on time. With your patience & guidance you helped make our vision a reality.”

Lee Tilbury, Facilities manager

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