The brief for this project was simple – to build a communal gym unlike any other!

Electric String collaborated with other leading experts to turn the client’s vision into a reality.

The result is an audio, video and control system that gives a new dimension to the gym user experience.


How Electric String worked with the client

From the initial design concept, the focus on quality was paramount.  The highest quality, cutting-edge exercise equipment needed an audio system to match.

Electric String designed a system with quality in mind. Selecting a two-zone Meridian Audio system comprising of two x G65 advanced controllers, 12 DSP-3300 loudspeakers and two x DSW subwoofers. The high-gloss, minimalistic aesthetic of the speakers – mounted to give the effect that they were floating – and subwoofers were a perfect fit for the gym surroundings.

The advanced digital audio signal processing allowed the sound to be optimised in an environment which, under normal circumstances could have caused many headaches. Materials and equipment in the gym including mirrors, hard floors, glass and metal workout machines, meant that to achieve the highest-quality sound, precise control of the acoustics was required.

Control of the gym was one of the key aspects of the design and was created with a unique user-experience in mind.  Unlike most communal gym spaces, where members must either listen to standard distributed content or rely on their personal audio players, the system needed to give control to individual members.

The control requirement meant that it was a highly-intensive process with the client to achieve the perfect balance between usability, simplicity and flexibility.

Gym users were provided access to:

  • Instructor Microphone
  • Internet Radio
  • AirPlay from Gym Instructor for scheduled classes
  • AirPlay from individual gym users
  • Streaming audio from “virtual jukebox”
  • Blu-ray/CD
  • Satellite TV
  • Freeview TV
  • Plug-in point for third-party device

Control was achieved with a Crestron Pro3 processor, with two x 10.1” TSW type touch panels for user interaction and an iPad Air for “Super User” administration.  The layout and operation of the user interface was a key aspect to ensure that the system complemented, rather than complicated, each user’s exercise.

“The real key was to give gym users fully flexible control and access to whatever content they desired from the installed system, something which is simply not possible in most gym situations” noted Rob Sullivan, Commercial Director at Electric String.

With such an array of sources, dual zone operation and multiple users, the project – from the front-end user interface to the back-end programming took great attention to detail.  Electric String worked tirelessly with the client to get the perfect system working and provided training for instructors and users alike.

The project was such a success that the client is now using the gym system as a blueprint design for future gyms around its worldwide offices.


The Electric String system included:

  • A two-zone zone Meridian Audio system comprising of two x G65 advanced controllers, 12 DSP-3300 loudspeakers and two x DSW subwoofers.
  • Crestron Pro3 processor, with 2 x 10.1” TSW type touch panels for User interaction and an iPad Air for “Super User” administration.
  • 4K standard video distribution to the main 98” screen and three supplementary displays.


Benefits of the system:

Users have the option of not only selecting different source audio and/or video but having full control of the sources too.  In addition to this, they can select different audio and video sources so that on-demand workout plans can be displayed along with an individual user’s preferred audio.

At the front of the spin studio a 98” screen was mounted with three supplementary displays along the length of the space, mounted from the ceiling for video content.  Electric String supplied video to the displays via a Crestron DM matrix, giving the highest-quality images possible from the source devices and at the same time allowing virtually limitless flexibility in configuration of the distributed content.

The result delivers a new dimension of user experience to the gym member by providing a superior audio, video and control system.


The Feedback

“Electric String was the perfect partner for us with our gym project. We had to combine several complex lighting, audio and training software packages behind the scenes, and yet present gym users with a very simple  graphical user interface (GUI) via the Crestron TSW1052 Touch Panels, which were designed and programmed just for our requirements. The team achieved exactly that and our users love it.”

Jonny Ginns, Group General Counsel, INEOS Holdings Ltd